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It was a decent weekend overall. I worked out. Didn't have to work too much on the freelance stuff. I have 6 active clients right now and have earned $2500 since March. MARCH!! I was hoping to average $500/month this year. My 2 biggest clients haven't even started billing hours yet so it's hopeful.

I made apple walnut Amish bread and pineapple mango salsa and chickpea salad and falafel. I sat on the deck and did laundry and vacuumed and did some writing and helped a woman get her resume in at work and watched people stop their lives, albeit briefly, to let a turtle cross the road. I watched some feel good movies and took naps.

I'm sleeping rather well. Not a lot but I wake up rested after 6 hours, put in an 18 day and do it all again. I get in my steps. I 'm working out 4 days a week and sweating my ass off at each work out. But my weight is up. I jogged on the treadmill at the gym and it didn't break. I guess that's always been my fear. I don't like the jiggle in my ass when I'm running but that too could soon be lessened.

Saw another surgeon. 700 stitches. Holy cow. I guess I knew the surgery would be intensive given what they are doing but damn...that just seems so extreme. He's not sure he'll do both the tummy and the thighs but we'll see. It's going to hurt. It's going to hurt bad. I hate being a patient. I'm a shitty patient. I hate having to rely on people. But it's short term, right? It's not forever. Keep chanting that to myself.

I leave for home on Friday. First time since the whole fiasco with mom last August/September. Then 2 weeks of auditors at work when I return. Then maybe France if it's approved. Then hopefully surgery and doodle begins her last semester.

It moves so fast.
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