Jun. 4th, 2017 08:12 pm
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Life is pretty routine these days. Retreat was great. It was different than many retreats, everyone pretty much isolated themselves in their rooms. I moved around a bit but then the computer started acting up and I had to stay still to keep it functioning. I was prepared to find a Best Buy in the middle of nowhere to get a new one but luckily got to wait until I returned home.

Work is nothing different. The freelance stuff is going well. Book 2 is finally moving, still slowly, but moving. I took it a little easier this weekend. Kept the extra work to under 10 hours. Got a massage. Worked out Sat and Sun. Saw Ivan. Oy...Ivan. He came to pick up some computer stuff I gave the boys. He thought he'd stay 4 or 5 hours...before dark because the lights on the useless van he bought don't work. LOL. I told him no, I had things to do that he said he'd come by to pick up the stuff. We didn't make any plans. He of course started telling me immediately of his dates. Then it was the crap he'd bought but couldn't afford. Sigh.


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