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I've looked at happiness as a destination for a while. Thinking I needed to DO something in order to get there. Move to a certain city or a new city or a different part of the current city. Change apartments or buy a house or get a bigger house then get a smaller house. New job, better job, promotion, raise, consult, full time, part time. Get a man. Get a woman. Get a man and a woman. Be the woman for a man or a woman or some combination of body parts.

I'm trying to remind myself more lately that happiness is not a destination. It's one of many stops along the way. Other stops include contentment, depression, satisfaction, elation, anger, numbness...Sometimes I hit multiple stops in a day. Sometimes I sit stuck at one station too long.

Today I'm at happiness mixed with satisfaction. I want to write about it because I forget that I stop here, and all I seem to remember are the stops at loneliness and sadness and depression. But it's been a good weekend on the writer's retreat, even with the blue screen of death hanging over my shoulder while the new computer sits hopefully inside my neighbor's apartment and not on my front step. In the pouring rain. Oh well...they have insurance.

I miss my baby girl. I miss Lucy. I miss Leo. I miss the kidlets and the village and family dinners. But I'm ok. I will never be homeless (or at least not homeless alone) and I won't be hungry (though green jello isn't much of a tummy filler).


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