Mar. 14th, 2017 10:06 pm
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Two and a half feet of snow! My first blizzard. The news even said so.

Work closed in that we could officially work from home. Tomorrow too. Not that I did much work. There's not much for me to do, yet I can't work on the one project I actually want to work on because Yak hasn't been the one to assign it to me. He hates the lead, though I think he hates most people.

I'm getting interviewed more for the freelance work, but only getting a rare job here and there. Still, I'm earning money.

Went to see the plastics guy and started the process. I'll probably have the first surgery in the next 90 days or so. Then the 2nd at the end of the year. Doodle will be done with school and with the break, I'll have extra time off.

Some news I'm not sure what to do about yet. Doodle went to see an audiologist over Christmas. Her hearing mechanism is fine, but she's not processing the words right. So they sent her for additional testing. She has some sort of internal auditory dyslexia. She misses about half in her left ear. The right ear appears fine. There are exercises she can do. A device she can wear to magnify sounds.

Mom and bro seem content to ignore me. Dad was the connection. Being trapped at the house - literally - always reminds me of how alone I can be. Of course, Ivan was willing to come over in the blizzard to keep me company. How lucky can I get? I need to end it with him. It irks me when he tries to kiss me. That's not how it should be.


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