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Ivan and I went out Sunday night. Spent a chunk of the day together but only because I needed his sons to take apart my bed and get it to the basement. He was my penance. Apparently I'm his consolation prize so it evens out.

I actually enjoyed his boys. The older is an opinionated know it all who's a lot actually. He's got the intellectual part down but the common sense stuff is not quite there yet. Ivan struggles with him because he's on anti-depression meds. He's very much a "just deal with it" kinda guy. I can't tell if he's worried they're a crutch of if they're a sign he's a bad dad. Son #2 is quieter but frankly, I think it's because he can't get a word in edgewise between #1 and Ivan.

So we go out to dinner and we've barely sat down and he starts "the talk." We haven't seen each other much. We were both very stand offish the last 2 times. (You know, the one where you wanted to puke then the one where you wanted to sleep on the side of the road? Yeah, those two times.) So he's telling me how he's deciding on what he should settle for. What can he live with and live without. But don't worry, he's attracted to me. He likes me.

I can't take another conversation about how much money he doesn't make or does make. And then the moron gets his tax refund and spends it not on his massive debt or his son's college or his other sons need for a car in a year or even the unbelievable mess in his master bedroom that needs everything from paint to a door to a tub...he spends money on fixing up a crap truck and...the real kicker...buying a fucking conversion van.

But hey....he can play doctor with me. LOL.
I can help get his bed rocking. LOL. this you moron.


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