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I've made more in the last week as a freelance writer than I did all of last year as a published author. I tried to be sad about that but in truth, I'm stoked. I'm getting freelance gigs. They aren't paying a ton but I'm offering ultra competitive bids right now to build a rating. I'm figuring out how fast I can write (90 mins for 500 words, researched and written) or edit (1500 words/hour). Trying to figure out how to parlay this into a real world income, however, isn't clear just yet. Once I get a bit more jobs under my belt, I might look at some of the bigger website again.

Started working out with a trainer again. I'm using the gym at work and going to the regular one on the weekend but OMG I hurt everywhere.

Still trying to figure out the headaches. Had the MRI. And then there's the BP. I'm working hard not to be obsessed about it. In some way I feel like I'm waiting for the heart attack or stroke. I don't want that to be on my mind more than it should. I don't want to always be waiting for the worst to happen. Can therapy even fix that shit?

It's a 3 day weekend so I'm capitalizing on the time. Tomorrow - buy a new bed! I've had this one 15+ yrs. Taxes are done and a nice refund is on the way. End of year reviews come out in the next few weeks. I know what the bonus rate is. I just don't know how much it I'll get. At it's max, it could pay off all the debt. We're getting 77% of that and what percentage of that I get is a mystery. When Yak and I talked he was giving everyone close to 100% of the 77%. That's 2 months salary for me before taxes. If I get that, I'm take most of it and the refund and put it in my emergency account. I know I should pay off the debt but it's all still at 0%, so building up the emergency fund makes sense.

OK. Bedime is here if the status of my eyelids is any indicator.
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