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I really should give up on dating. I'm not any good at it. The wrong guys want to date me. I pick the wrong ones when I do date. It's just pointless.

It was a last minute plan, which was nice. I'm spontaneous. I can be spontaneous. Road trip! Yes. Let's go nowhere. See what happens. And it was good. Mostly good - his driving makes me white-knuckled and car sick but ok...focus on the conversation. Talk of big stuff. Disagreeing but it being ok. Dinner was good. We laughed at the young folk wearing bikinis with sheer coverups as night out dress. Ice cream. And we're white knuckling it back when he's suddenly - I have to pull over and sleep for a bit. WTF? I had to talk him into pulling over at a gas station so I could at least get out of the car and not having to watch him sleep.

I mean I sort of get it. He normally works nights but take a nap before you go on your date. I wasn't feeling it before. I'm feeling even less now.

I only attract this sort. I don't know why I would think it would ever be different. I'm the rebound girl. The one they fuck before finding the love of their life. I'm not the love. Never have been. I should just accept it and move on. But that stupid fucking hopeful romantic in me won't die. I need to stab that fucking bitch.


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