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May. 11th, 2011 05:10 pm
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Lucy and I have gone off with a cult of women called Brave Girls Camp. It's run by this woman who used to have a big line of scrapbooking supplies and I saw it as a crafty weekend for us two to kick back, relax and play with paper. Oh but they have so much more in store for us....

Clue #1 should have been when they posted all the bios from the campers. My husband died. my husband left me. My mother died. My mother put me up for adoption. Or the polar opposite. I live for my husband and children and have no real thoughts of my own. I didn't see the writing on the wall or in this case the web page. This was a place of "healing" to restore your soul blah blah blah. Fuck. It's only day one and we've had so many tears we're about to drown. This morning we were held captive by the leader while she gave us her sob story for over an hour while her mascara crawled down her overly made up face. And she wears a cowboy hat. What's up with that?

these are nice women. Don't get me wrong. But I really didn't think I'd signed up for
Kumbaya in the Idaho wilderness. We do alot of sharing and asking personal questions and I just can't get into it. So i'm hiding in my room at the moment. Sneaking in a little down time. We're also not supposed to have computers or cell phones so don't tell on me. They can have my computer when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.
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