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Nothing like your subconscious to play Cap'n Obvious while you're sleeping.

So first...I'm riding a bicycle BACKWARDS on an interstate while the traffic is whizzing by at the speed of light. Of course there's a crash but it's not me. I do see the crash in slow motion and have time to pull over to the side, but there's not a real shoulder to speak of, so the traffic is still whizzing by. The funniest part of the whole thing was the cup the other biker was holding when he caused the accident. It did an end-over-end tumble and bounced through the other cars without getting squished and when the cops arrived, that's what they asked about. The cup. Did I see it? Where did it go?

Weird dream #2. Same morning.

I come across this bus accident on a country style road. The bus has overturned and it has fallen on top of some kid. So they ask me to come over and talk to him and keep him calm. So I'm laying on the pavement and all I can see is this disembodied head and a cell phone. Eventually they get the bus off the kid and I'm cradling him in my arms. He has no feet - the bus amputated them or the EMS guys did; I'm not sure which. Then everyone sort of leaves and the kid and I are at the school. He's not bleeding but it's obvious he's not walking home. The school people are around but they leave it to me to find his mom. Of course she doesn't have a cell phone and the place she works isn't answering. Somehow I end up in this very futuristic elevator with this other guy and we're flying outside the neighborhood trying to figure out where the mom works. I sneak into to this office area for some unknown reason. It's not where the mom or kid is stashed, but I'm weaving through cubicles and peaking in offices. Eventually I do get the kid's mom and reunite them but I'm not sure how.

weird dreams

Date: 2011-02-12 03:28 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
what are you eating before bed?


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