Apr. 6th, 2017


Apr. 6th, 2017 11:09 pm
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The spihlkies are rampant in my tuckus.

I can keep them somewhat at bay with the drugs. Tonight they just aren't working. The drugs. Not the spihlkies. The spihlkies are working overtime.

Haven't gotten any new freelance jobs. Had my hopes for a roll but the slope was smaller than I wanted. It's a process, right? Up and down. So I'm regrouping. Trying to get back into the routine.

I'm working at getting my mojo back at the gym. I've been lazy-ish since Christmas, only working out 3 times a week on average. And they aren't punishing workouts. Less than average. So I'm hooking up with de Sade again. I miss EB though. My head gets in the way. I'd worked through that mostly but the insecurity is winning out lately. The gym at work is ok but they aren't pushing me. And my head gets in the way. I'm becoming a regular. Everybody knows my name. Well, Jose knows my name.

I need some accountability. When I'm just doing it for myself I don't seem to be enough.


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