Jan. 8th, 2017

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It's all finally said and done. We're back to work. Back to full time. Back.

I lost the battle with Yak to keep Andy from getting a shit review. I mean really shit review. A one. He did tell me that had she been hourly she'd have been fired, like 2 other people who were fired for the same thing in the same month. So it's over. We have been dictated to put a certain percentage of people in the "red" which sucketh mucheth. It's just not right. It's especially not right to surprise people with this shit.

Ivan. Still not sure what to think of him. He joined my gym. The only thing keeping me from freaking out about it is that he goes in the morning after he gets off work. So it's unlikely we'll see each other. Unless it's like today...when we met there for our "quality" time today. We went out to dinner Wednesday night and his plan was to meet me at the gym this morning, and then stick around until I went to bed. What? No, I told him. I had to spend some time writing. He said that was alright, that he could take a nap. What? No, I told him. That's when the date would end. He was wounded, I could tell. It got awkward.

It actually started better than I expected. We met at the gym. He did his thing. I did mine. No hovering. We came back to my place and I fixed some breakfast. And he got sick. I was terrified I'd poisoned him but I wasn't sick, so figured it wasn't the food. I told him to go home, not to worry, we'd do it again. No. He wouldn't leave. All I can think is, if you're sick, I don't want it. In the end, we think it was dehydration coupled with his diabetes. He hydrated. Relaxed. Got better.

We went to the store and he cooked lunch. He's actually pretty good. Pulled together what was in my fridge and pantry with us just needing the protein. The conversation was easy. Except...he won't let me finish a story. He interrupted every time I was talking. Kinda pissed me off. Connery did the same thing. What is it with men? Money keeps coming up. He's struggling to pay bills now, vs the "making it" story he gave before. His boarder that was moving out, hasn't.
I kicked him out about 4.

I've tried to analyze my feelings for him and there aren't really anything definitive. I like him. I'm not infatuated. I kinda wanted today to see if the chemistry was there but it didn't happen. Maybe another time. He's eager for it, but not pushing. He touches when we sit together. We sat, lets entwined, while we watched the movie. I don't know.


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